Not Quite Extraordinary…Yet!!!

     My son is not an extraordinary child. Now don’t get me wrong. He’s an awesome kid. Caring. In fact, what I admire most about him is how he always look out for the underdog – those that he deems less fortunate. Yesterday while leaving baseball camp where there were players of various age groups, I overheard a mom thanking him for keeping an eye on and looking out for her son. Apparently my little had made sure that her son, who appears to be about 7 years old, got as many opportunities in the baseball drills as the older kids. My little, saw to it that this young boy got a chance at every rotation. And at the end he kept encouraging him and telling him how funny he was. Yep. That’s my awesome son. So why then would I say he’s not an extraordinary kid?
     By definition, to be extraordinary is to to be exceptional in character – to be way beyond the usual or the ordinary. Above average. Above regular. My ‘little’ is not. And because he is not, I have chosen not to give him things he doesn’t deserve. For example, the XboxOne or PS4 he desires. You see my son wanted one of these gaming systems for Christmas. And I bought it. After all, it fits my christmas list criteria. Something you want. Something you need. Something to wear. Something to read. The gaming system would be something he wants. But something kept nagging at me. Did he deserve it? And I kept getting the same answer. No.
     So here it is that I have this already purchased item and I am about to withhold it. Why you might ask? Well extraordinary kids get extraordinary gifts and my kid just wasn’t fitting into the category of an extraordinary child. His attitude didn’t match that of a deserving child. He doesn’t do as I ask without a fuss. He talks back and always want to have the last word. He doesn’t do anything just because. He is selfish. He feels entitled. Doesn’t sound like the same awesome kid I described huh?
     Here’s the deal. I gave him money to purchase gifts. Then grandma sent him money as his gift. His present from grandma can be used to purchase items for himself (after savings and tithes of course). My little fussed and whined about buying gifts for the godmother who sends him care packages just because. He became upset because I suggested that he consider all the ‘adopted’ aunties that look out for him on a daily basis. Can you believe he groaned at the thought of getting a gift card for the uncle that he at times just hang out with. He was being a regular selfish 11 year old child. So, I’ve decided that he needs a little life-schooling.
    No Xbox or PS4. Lessons on seeking God; setting goals; earning, saving and spending money; showing gratitude; and, Phillipians 2:14(CEVDCUS6) Do everything without grumbling or arguing.
     Extraordinary kids receive extraordinary gifts. He’ll get there…soon!

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