Schooling Myself!!


I’ve been learning a lot in this life-schooling process.

I am…ummm, was once a ‘paranoid’ momma. My little wasn’t allowed in the neighborhood to play because I was afraid. I didn’t allow him to spend the night out anywhere because I was afraid. Wherever I went, he went with me because I was afraid. Meanwhile. my little is fearless. He’d speak to anyone. He’d jump off and over the most insane items. My little could command the attention of any audience – he’s quite the social butterfly. He was and still is hardly ever afraid.

I recently started taking a page from his book of courage. He met another homeschooler at the public library about three months ago. As I’m sitting at a friend’s vow renewal ceremony, two tween boys shrieked like two girlfriends seeing each other for the first time in twenty years. Apparently, my friend’s nephew is the homeschool kid my little had been babbling about all this time. The friend spent the next night at my house. Within days, the request was made and granted for my little to spend the night at his friend’s house. Okay. I’m learning to let go.

Fast forward to today. I am sitting here quite a nervous wreck. My little has been at his friend’s house since Friday. Today he went to a basketball game with the family, but will return home with another family who happens to live in the neighborhood. I am not sure why I’m afraid. I trust my little. I trust the family. I need to grow up.

Who’s life-schooling whom here?



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