Risky Baseball!

stealing home
Surveying the field for the right time to make that leap of faith. 

He made it safely to first base. The pitcher was in his wind up and I could see that the runner, my little, was too far off the base. He’s going to get thrown out, I thought to myself. Yet,each time the pitcher threw back to first, my little would make it safely back – barely. But then, next time he’d step right off the bag again and stand  what appears to be half way between first and second.

He stole second. I was nervous. His coach looked relieved. He, my little, was all smiles. Two pitches later he’d stolen third and with a runner on second was attempting to steal home. I started praying. Please Lord! Please remove this impulsiveness from my little. Let him listen to coach. Don’t let him be a show off. As he inched farther and farther away from third base my prayers intensified. Let him be patient Lord. Let him wait for the right time.

My head started pounding and I was becoming anxious. I could feel it. I don’t want him to be disappointed if he gets caught out. I want him to succeed. Lord teach him to wait. Then I heard His voice. “When exactly is the right time?”, he asked. Uh oh! God was going to teach me a lesson on risk taking and faith through baseball.

I could hear him clearly now. “You’re always praying that he’s not afraid all the time. I’ve granted you your desires. You prayed for a heart of sacrifice. I’ve placed it on his heart. We’re practicing, he and I. We’re starting with where he is…right now. What about you my child? What risks are you taking? How are you moving closer to where I’m leading you?”

Uh oh. God’s checking me. He’s reminding me of an earlier reading of Proverbs 6:9-11. See, I’ve been feeling anxious about an endeavor I’ve been dreaming of for quite some time. A dream, I’ve made no move to pursue. This adventure will give me what I’ve asked God for, for a long time – the ability to lifeschool my little full-time. This opportunity is risky since money won’t be as it is currently, for quite some time. I am afraid.

How long will you be there doing nothing at all? When are you going to get up and stop sleeping? Keep sleeping. Keep twiddling your thumbs and you’ll soon find everything gone – stolen from you. (Proverbs 6:9-11 CEVDCUS06)

Wow. Talk about a lesson. A lesson in God’s design – God’s design for my family. A lesson on faith. Faith to let Him lead. Faith to let Him tell me when to pause…when to move. Faith to take the risk and not become stagnated by fear.

He’s definitely stealing home. As I expected (doubting mom), he got caught in a pickle. As he treks back and forth between third and home plate, player after player chasing him, I find my faith being renewed. I was in awe of the riskiness of baseball. Now I’m praying and screaming – really just screaming- for him to not give up. Finally the ball is overthrown to third, and my little runs home with his teammate who was on second, right on his heels. My little was the tying run. They won – the risk well worth it. What I would have count as loss, God counts it all joy!



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